Fishing and boating

Don't let that fish be the one that got away!

For many travellers to the Top End, no trip would be complete without wetting a line. 

The good news is that you do not need a recreational fishing licence or a recreational boat licence in the NT (as at 2019). However, you must follow recreational boat laws and rules and carry the right boat safety equipment. 

There are also rules related to recreational fishing, including what can be caught, how many fish you are allowed to catch, where you can fish and the type of equipment you can use.

You can fish year-round in the NT and barramundi can be caught through all four seasons.

The website is a great resource with all the information you need for your fishing trip and they even have a great Fishing Mate app for your phone showing you boat ramp locations, fishing rules, protection areas and reporting options.

Or if you'd prefer to take a guided fishing tour, we can make some suggestions and assist with Tour Bookings at Reception.

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